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Please note that the information/content provided on this website has been obtained from a variety of sources, majorly from Government sources, and is beleived to be true to best of our knowledge. If you find any information that is inconsistent, incorrect, or dated, please email us at support@haldwani.co.in and we will ensure that information is updated.

Haldwani.co.in is a community effort and many patrons have contributed to the content of the website. Primarily, this website is developed, managed and monitored from Haldwani, Ahmedabad, Nainital and USA. Please accept our apologies if any propriatary/copyrighted information or material has been used on the website inadvertently. Please let us know and we will ensure your rights to the information is acknoweldged.

This website is a work-in-progress and we will be updating the information as we verify the source of the information. Meantime, the administrators of this website are not responsible for any inaccurate information.

You may contact us with relevant Subject on following email addresses:

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Write to: info@haldwani.co.in

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Write to: support@haldwani.co.in

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Write to: hnradmin@haldwani.co.in, sales@haldwani.co.in


Write to: hnradmin@haldwani.co.in, admin@haldwani.co.in


Most of the photographs represented on site, importantly in Photo Gallery are protected by copyright of http://www.haldwani.co.in and their respective contributors. We recommend you not to use any of them without prior permission from us. So kindly, refrain from Re-usage, distribution and linking in any medium, print, web or electronic, without permission. We shall appreciate to hear from you for if you look for specific information, content and part from this website. At the same time, if you want to provide us any valuable information regarding Haldwani, it will be highly appreciated and acknowledged accordingly.

You can write to us at: support@haldwani.co.in


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