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Haldwani ~ Gateway to Kumaon



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Haldwani Art & Culture

Haldwani houses people of nearly all the religions and regions. One can find variety in all aspects from dishes to clothings and from dialect to architecture. it was a small town till about 2 decades ago. Rapid urbanization due to a number of factors has contributed to its rise as a regional hub trading in modern amenities and a better infrastructure. And therefore, it presents a vivid Artistic and Cultural identity.

Art forms of Aipan
Reasonably, Haldwani embraces and resembles the Art forms of Kumaon Hills. One of them is traditional Aipan. Be it mundane decoration of entrance staircase or Namkarna, Pooja or marriage, Satyanarayana Katha ot Diwali, Aipan is a must and an integral part of Kumaoni culture.

Aipan is one of the traditional art (painting form) of Kumaon. It has great social, cultural and religious significance. Aipans are known by different names and is in popular in many parts of India with larger variations. It is called Alpana in Bengal, Sathiya, Rangoli and Chaakla in Gujarat, Rangoli in Maharashtra, Chowk pooran in UP, Kolam in south India, Madne in Rajasthan, Arichan in Bihar and Bhuggul in Andhra.

In Uttarakhand, aipan are popularly drawn at places of worship, houses, and main entry doors of house and in front courtyard. Some of these artistic creations have great religious importance and these are drawn during particular religious ceremonies or auspicious occasions such as marriages, Threading ceremony, naming ceremony etc. to perform rituals while others are for particular God / Goddess and a few for aesthetic look.

Other Art Forms
The Shaukas use their own and Tibetan knitting art form to decorate mattresses known as Dans. In these woollen goods we find the mixed influence of the Kumaoni and Tibetan styles. Kumaon also has a distinctive style of making different baskets (Doka, Dala, Tokri); wooden casks (Theki, Harpia, Naliya) for keeping curd, butter and ghee; mattresses (mosta) and ropes etc. The art of Hilljatra mukhotas (masks) is also worth mentioning.

Aipan Courtesy: BC Joshi | Other Art Forms: e-uttaranchal


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