Haldwani as a Kumaon Tourism Base! Our duty…

Dear All,

We, at Haldwani.co.in, along with you, are trying with other like minded people, organisations and the concerned to help assess and shape up the city of Haldwani as a perfect Base Camp for Kumaon-Uttaranchal Tourism. Haldwani is well equipped and capable of serving the High Altitude traveler to the Himalayan destinations, located in Kumaon Uttaranchal Himalayas.

Haldwani, off late is coping up with lot of Housing and Infrastructure developments, unfortunately still in a haphazard manner, sometimes neglecting and affecting the serenity and environmental aspects, the touristic value this foot-hill outpost may still be holding.

There are multi-faceted settlements in Haldwani and there are scattered colonies and real estate activities, traffic, pollution and other hazards. It’s time to prepare and present the better space-time of future Haldwani, when this town is rising for its future heights and posing a fusion identity boasting of countryside, nature, pollution free environment, simultaneously embracing urban and industrial paraphernalia.

A town or place can remain as endearing and as beautiful, when it itself can retain it’s touristic value, hospitality, charm and some sort of Eco-Discipline. Friendlier the people and environment, lovely the place could be, either for locals or for the tourists. In every country, in every state, at every place, if the Tourism Mantra can hold its worth, it does a lot of good to itself, its people, and generations to come.

If you can find or can facilitate a stranger, a wanderlust roaming around in your city, safely and happily, you did a better job and best worship. It speaks of your identity and character.

Let us adore and protect the environment and mother nature, be them people, local or strangers, be it neat, clean and green place, Haldwani.

Your thoughts and feedback appreciated.

Kind regards.

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