Dear Readers,

Welcome to the exclusive section of Haldwani Blogs on Haldwani.co.in. The concept is aimed at reciprocating People, Partnership and Progress formulae or People Participation Progress formula.

As you are aware, Haldwani.co.in is community effort and our mission is knowledge sharing between like minded people maintaining certain dignity, decency and etiquette of such mass media platforms which makes it possible for us to communicate to each other for some good causes, knowledge and lighthearted fun.

Here, we are inviting Personalities who have a passion, and hobby for good and meaningful writing, who are progressive, positive, determined and have a knack to build up a sound network for betterment of the society, environment and economy, and on the top, who want to share their word, their feelings and their thoughts to and for Haldwani.

Please write to: blogs@haldwani.co.in with necessary information, your quick profile and any examples/samples of your work or contribution if you want an exclusive blog of yours on Haldwani.co.in. It is not compulsory that you should be a professional writer or author. What you need to and what we want is your will and a little of your proficiency.

We welcome you!

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