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Paper, Pulp, Tourism, Transport, Wooden Products, Toys, Sports Goods, Furniture, Realty & Building-Construction are some thriving businesses and industries in and around Haldwani. As a result, and of them, Real Estate in Haldwani is picking up aggressively.

Haldwani is home to one of the largest vegetable, fruit and foodgrain markets in Northern India. It's a base for trades going towards Kumaun region.The Gaula river is exploited for a large quantity of boulders, sand and gravels every year. It generates a major revenue source for both the government and local business. It has got Asia's 3 largest Mandi including important firms.

Uttarakhand announces new industrial policy

Business Standard - January, 2008

Aims to develop industries in hilly and remote areas.

Uttarakhand may have seen strong industrialisation during the past five years, mainly in the plains, following the special package announced by the Centre in 2003.

In sharp contrast, the hilly region of the state had largely remained deprived of any such bounties.

But now the new industrial policy announced by Chief Minister BC Khanduri promises to usher in a new beginning in the hills of Uttarakhand with a package to attract investments complete with a slew of sops for 10 years.

"The main objective of the policy is to promote economic development of the hilly and remote areas of the state where industrial process could not take place," said Khanduri.

The new industrial policy, which comes into force from April 1, doles out special power tariff rebate up to 100 per cent. It is for the first time that the government has announced both industrial and power policies together so that they compliment each other, experts said.

Under the new policy, the remote and hilly areas of the state have been categorised in Group A and Group B, with incentives in the former higher than the latter.

Projects with investments over Rs 5 crore will now be classified as mega project. Under the 2003 industrial policy only the projects having investments more than Rs 50 crore were given this status.

The minimum requirement of land for setting up a private industrial estate would now be 2 acres instead of 30 acres. These industrial areas would also be provided financial assistance up to Rs 50 lakh. Also, there will be no stamp duty in the sale and lease deed of the land meant for industrial plots. There will also be capital subsidy on fixed capital investment in building, plant and machinery at the rate of 25 per cent for a maximum of Rs 30 lakh in Group A areas, while a capital subsidy of 20 percent with maximum of Rs 25 lakh will be given for industrial units coming up in Group B areas.

A special VAT rebate up to 90 percent will also be given. Eligible enterprises will also get interest subsidy on loans extended by banks and financial institutions.

With such attractive financial incentives, banks in these areas now have very good opportunities of financing industrial activities, an industrial department official said.

"Our main purpose is to create fresh avenues of employment for our youths in the hills," said Sudhir Nautiyal, additional secretary of the state's industries department.

Business & Industries in Haldwani:

Haldwani is gaining to be a fast industrially developing region after formation of Uttaranchal as a new state in November, 2000. Owing to the fact, Uttaranchal sitting in the lap of Himalayas, pulls its major share of revenue from Tourism, there are many ancillaries related with Leisure & Tourism. But still this entire sector is unorganized despite presence of distinct policies and autonomous bodies such as GMVNL and KMVNL. However, with some reforms and refined policies on Industries, Tourism, Horticulture, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Environment, sooner it is about to be pacified and top the chart among other similar hill states.

Apparently, Himalayan handicraft, small scale industries based on local produces, artifacts, food, agriculture, and herbal based industries are some potential entrepreneurships found in scattered form across the different altitudes in Kumaon Hills and in the foothills, in the centers like Haldwani.

Presently, Haldwani houses and caters to almost every type of Urban - Semi Urban household needs. It has one major share for Education and various prestigious Institutions of State. With Rudrapur and Pantnagar, these two Industrially active zones based very close, Haldwani offers and attracts people of different classes to live here considering it is easily connected and located to various places, for all those in the Hills and in the Foothills & Plains wishing to live with better facilities and amenities.

Uttaranchal - Industries

S. No. Items Year/ Period Unit Statistics
Rural and Small Scale Industries
1. Khadi Udhyog / Gramodhyog Units 2006-2007 No. 809
2. Small Scale Industries (SSIs) 2006-2007 No. 32116
3. Total Employees of Khadi Units 2006-2007 No. 4987
4. Total Employees of SSIs 2006-2007 No. 87279
Factories (Regd. under Act, 1948)
1. No. of Factories 2004-2005 No. 752
2. No. of Workers 2004-2005 No. 35349
3. Total Person engaged 2004-2005 No. 51762
4. Value of product & by product 2004-2005 Rs. Lakh 914633
5. Net Value Added 2004-2005 Rs. Lakh 194801
6. Value of output 2004-2005 Rs. Lakh 1007348
7. Gross fixed capital formation 2004-2005 Rs. Lakh 77726
8. Profits 2004-2005 Rs. Lakh 105677
Table Reference: e-uttaranchal

Please visit Uttarakhand Government's Official SIDCUL Website for some latest information, tenders, opportunities and announcements if you wish to set-up a business or industry in Haldwani..

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MSMED Institute, Haldwani is Government's state level Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute (MSME-DI ) engaged in promotion & development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the State of Uttarakhand.
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