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Abuan Jewellers:: Meera Marg Tel. 251091
Agarwal Jewellers:: Patel Chowk
Anuj Jewellers:: Patel Chowk
Arun Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar
Ambe Jewellers:: Baratan Bazar
Barahi Aabhusan:: Bartan Bazar
Basant Jewellers:: Kaladhungi Road Tel. 224719
Bharadwaj Jewellers:: Chawdhary Ramveer Complex
Bharat Jeweller:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250903
Bhola Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251041
Chaman Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251022
Chandrioka Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251845
Darshan Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250028
Deep Jewelle rs:: Shahukara Line
Dinesh Sons:: Bartan Bazar
Divyamadi Jewllers:: Sahukara Line Tel. 253341
Ever Green Jewellers:: Sahukara Line Tel. 250255
Gaurav Jewellers:: Patel Chowk
Gauri Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251490
Golden Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251237
Gopal Jewellers:: Sahukara Line
Gopal Swaran:: Aabhusan Rampur Road
Gyan Shree Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250483
Haldwani Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 251451
Hari Hant Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250537
Hari Kripa Jewellers:: Kaladhungi Road
Himalyan Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250462
Himanshu Jeweller:: kushumkhera
J. C. Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250067
Jagdish Lal Verma:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251431
Jai Gopal Ajay Kumar:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 251289
Jai Gopal Naresh Kumar:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250962
Jai Sai Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 255883
Jai Shubh Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251018
ain Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251094
Jawer Collection:: Kaladhungi Road Tel. 251045
Jeevanlal Verma:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250433
Jogender Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250990
Kailash Verma:: Katyar Complex Tel. 254272
Kakkar Jewellers:: Chowk Bazar
New Kanchan Jeweller:: Pilikothi Tel. 9412966518
Kanchan Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250463
Kishor Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250609
Kuber Jewllers:: Kaladhungi Road Tel. 283565
Kumar Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251923
Laxmi Jeweller:: Kaladhungi Road
Mahalaxmi Jewellers:: Patel Chowk
Maharaja Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 313273
Mansi Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 255373
Modern Sons:: Nainital Road Tel. 220495
Nagpal Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250929
Naveen Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250640
Negi Sons:: Kamala Market Tel. 251826
Om Jewellers:: Patel Chowk
Omkar Jeweller:: Sharda Market Tel. 250397
Parvitiya Abhusan:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 251395
Parvitiya Jewellers:: Katyar Complex Tel. 254230
Piyush jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251043
Poonam Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 254098
Rachna Abhusan:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251455
Radhika Sons:: Sadar Bazar Tel. 253307
Rajendra Kumar Verma:: Bartan Bazar
Ram Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 253689
Rana Sons:: Chowk Bazar Tel. 251390
Rashi Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250852
Rastogi Sons:: Bareilly Road Tel. 252862
Roshni Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251021
Sajjan Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251548
Sameer Verma:: Bartan Bazar
Saroyam Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250874
Shanti Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250987
Shiv Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 251363
Shivam Jewellers:: Singh Complex
Shree Ganesh:: Katyar Complex
Shree Ganpati Jewellers:: Chaudhree Ramveer Tel. 255758
Shree Gopal Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251040
Shree Nath Jewellers:: Katyar Complex Tel. 262824
Shree Sai Aabhusan:: Patel Chowk Tel. 254082
Shree Shyam Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 262824
Shree Ved Prakash:: Patel Chowk Tel. 255865
Shree Balaji Jewellers:: Bartan Bazar
Shree Om Jewellers:: Katyar Complux
Shree Guru Jeweller:: Kaladhungi Road Tel. 250269
Shree Maghshyam:: Jeweller Sharda Market Tel. 255990
Sidharth Jeweller:: Kaladhungi Churaha Tel. 253078
Sona Chandi Jeweller:: Kaladhungi Churaha Tel. 250155
Sonam Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 255397
Sudheer Verma:: Chowk Bazar Tel. 253807
Sumit Jewellers:: Chowk Bazar
Suresh Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 250491
Tilak Jewellers:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251093
Uttaranchal Aabhusan:: Patel Chowk Tel. 251979
Verma Sons:: Bartan Bazar Tel. 250419
Jai Guru Jewellers:: Nainital Road Tel. 251435
Suinram Jewellery:: Patel Chowk
Mallika Aabhooshan:: Kaladhungi Road

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