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Haldwani People & Personalities - Profiles Welcome to the exclusive section of People, Personalities & Profiles on Haldwani.co.in. The concept is aimed at reciprocating People, Partnership and Progress formulae or People Participation Progress formulae.

As you are aware, Haldwani.co.in is community effort and our mission is knowledge sharing between like minded people maintaining certain dignity, decency and etiquette of such mass media platforms which makes it possible for us to communicate to each other for some good causes, knowledge and lighthearted fun.

Here, we are attempting Past Present People theme also covering exclusive profiles of People and Personalities who were either renowned & legend in themselves, who worked for some rare causes and concepts, or those present who are progressive, positive, determined and have a knack to build up a sound network for betterment of the society, environment and economy.

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Manoj Lohani

Haldwani.co.in Premium Member
Correspondent & Journalist

We invite you and solicit your profile here!

Write to us on: support@haldwani.co.in with all relevant details if you want to be a crucial part of this network, if you believe your thoughts, ambition, work and desire will make difference, just send us your profile! Our Editor Panel will try to evaluate and accommodate the same on the website here.


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