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Haldwani ~ Gateway to Kumaon



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Haldwani Tourism Overview

Haldwani is located in the Bhabar region of Kumaon where the mountain rivers go underground to re-emerge in the Indo - Gangetic plain. Its proximity to the hills gives it a temperate plains climate which is very susceptible to sudden changes depending on the weather in the hills. This has given the lush areas just outside the urban belt of town a large diversity of flora and fauna. And importantly, it boasts of some thriving tourism skirting it.

Considering Haldwani spread across at a very geographically strategic location, it covers and offers some decent and beautiful locations towards its West, North and East, it thus can boast of excursions with vividness and variety in each of them in the immediate 30-50 kms radius. It has to offer the visitor ranging from green and serene trails, wonderful hikes & treks, picnic spots to some refreshing sightseeing. Reason being Haldwani is just in the Kumaon Himalaya foothills.

The 40km Haldwani Peripheri


  • Jim Corbett Village
  • Kaladhungi
  • Chhoti Haldwani


  • Kathgodam
  • Sat Tal
  • Bhowali


  • Bhimtal
  • Naukuchiya Tal
  • Gaula River Belt


  • Lal Kuan
  • Rudrapur
  • Pant Nagar


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